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We aim to explore a variety of different genres and themes in order to entertain and challenge the art, science and rhetoric of a script.


We believe strongly in the power of young voices and aim to give them a platform to create freely, unshackled by the conventional norms of traditional theatre.  Our theatre is offered up to our audience raw and truthfully, with the foundations of our work being rooted firmly in the core values we as human beings of the twenty-first century embrace and celebrate.


This however does not mean we are afraid to tackle controversial topics and present a 360 perspective of the world around us leaving no area in the shadows, bringing everyone’s opinions and voice to our audience asking and trusting them to form their own opinions from of work.


Our team are a diverse group of people whose style and approach to the work we make varies with every single individual. Our members are encouraged to broaden their horizons and not just specialize in one specific area; our team’s interests are vast, with some using their physical theatre and movement skills to breathe contemporary life into our performances with others active involvement with spoken word changing the format of our scripts to evolve and develop into fresh new interpretations of the theatre we create.


Behind the scenes our team has shone the light, quite literally, on our shows, designing and managing our sound, light, and our extensive technical requirements. We are not a one-trick pony and encourage our members and our audiences to come to love every aspect of the theatre.


We understand that as young creatives we are lucky to make our own work, but we have always and will continue to work hard to create work with professional value. Our work is inspired not by the voices we have heard our whole lives or the censored representation we have seen, instead we aim to promote the art we don’t see. Our work has traveled to dark futuristic realities, all the way back to the dirty alleys of London letting our creatives lose on the subject matters that ignite a fire and passion in them that we know translates onto the stage as exciting and successful performances that our audience responds to on a personal level.

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