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Written by Daisy Dot

Directed by Keenan Denton 

Produced by Esther Williams and Daisy Dot


Mumsnetters! Online.

by Daisy Dot

21st May 2020

Part One

Part Two


Meet the cast!

Outrageous mother-in-laws, cheeky f***kers, dear daughters and sex ponds. This can only mean one thing. You got that right! Mothers. A play based on the forums on Mumsnet - we meet 5 vastly contrasting women who go through the arduous comedic journey that is being a mum.
This year we will be taking our wonderful new play 'From the Mother's Mouth' By Daisy Dot and directed by Keenan Denton. 

It is one of our main goals as a company to go to Edinburgh, and since 2016 (when we first started) we have been working intensely to get there! We've saved enough to hire out a venue, but we need somewhere to stay and to rehearse. Our wonderful team of producers and actors are raring to go, but need your support to make our dream a reality.
Watch this space for further updates! 
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