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Pie Face Productions presents....

Alongside us putting on Theatre Productions we are also starting up our new Film Adventure - producing short films! First film to be released October 2019 - if you are interested in participating in film drop us an email!

"a well loved script is one that is covered in curry, coffee and critiques" - Daisy Dot 2019


Jam Sandwich  

Release date: October 10th 2019

Written and directed by Daisy Dot

Assistant Director: Keenan Denton

Head of Photography: TJ Dudley

Producers: Florence Tendi, Eve Scott, Mo Deria, Esther Williams, TJ Dudley, Keenan Denton


Daisy Dot as Daisy Dot

Mo Deria as Anorexia

Esther Williams as Depressive

Lisa Highton as Sosie

Keenan Denton as Anger and Key

Robert Hawkins as Dad

Steph Ashby as Mum

Geordie Shepley as Dr.Krampers

Sam Shepley as OCD


"I love the comedy used to make such a dark subject more relevant, loved every moment of it" - E.W.

As part of Daisy Dot’s (the writer’s) recovery from Anorexia and Depression she wrote a script trying to make light out of her dark situation. Jam Sandwich is full of clichés on such a rich topic such as mental health but this time it’s seen from a different more comedic angle. A film that will not just make you sympathise but empathise. How does it feel to have an illness of the mind when it’s almost invisible to others? A

Running time 55 min 

Jam Sandwich  

"It's really insightful and made me understand a wee bit more about how it must feel from the inside"

"Can't stop thinking about it, (sign of a great short film I reckon)"

"The script did not let up, building to quite the crescendo, leaving an indelible 'Daisy' imprint"

"It was so relatable in areas but also did what I've wanted to see in a lot of short films, have that comedic twist."

“If the intention when writing and creating it was to produce something honest, creative, emotional, and yet balanced, I think you hit the right notes”

"It’s a testament to creativity, imagination, passion, skill, determination and humour about a pretty dark subject - and its as far away from a self-indulgent Gen X take on mental health as you can get."


Meet the wonderful Characters of Jam Sandwich

Introducing Mo Deria as Anorexia 

Introducing Esther Williams as Depression 



Daisy Dot as Daisy Dot


Esther Williams as Depression 

How many people does it take to film a Jam Sandwich?

Mo Deria as Anorexia


TJ Dudley is Director of Photography is is ensuring each and every shot is perfection in our not so short film....

Keenan Denton as Anger

Let Rehearsals Commence for Jam Sandwich
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