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Read Through Terms and Conditions

In order to receive a script we need you to register on our system and read the Terms and Conditions below. For any further questions please email x

Terms and Conditions! 

  1. All text shared with the Artist is owned by Pie Face Theatre LTD and must not be shared to any other persons without the written consent of the writer Daisy Ashby-Hawkins and Producer, Esther Williams. With the exception to you being an employee of Pie Face Theatre LTD.

  2. The artist will have access to the script the day prior to the read through. The link emailed to the artist will expire after the read through.

  3. The artist is not allowed to print a copy of the script, Pie Face Theatre will provide a link to the script which will then be disabled after the reading. 

  4. Pie Face Theatre can not guarantee that the Artist will be used for the actual production. The session taking place, is a read through and workshop of the text.

  5. Pie Face Theatre may take a small recording of the read through, this is only for the use of Daisy Ashby-Hawkins' development of the script.

  6. Any recordings of the session will not be shared on social media without the consent of all parties involved and the writer Daisy Ashby Hawkins.

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