Daisy Dot

From the age of 16 Daisy has been running Pie Face Theatre, since then she has written and directed 10 Theatre and film productions. 
She is currently a Teacher at MN Academy and is producing her first show that will be taken to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021 (fingers crossed). 
She is a member of the National Youth Film Academy


Jam Sandwich

Daisy wrote, directed and starred in Jam Sandwich. The film explores her comedic take on her experience with Anorexia and Depression. 

lower case monologues

Daisy wrote and reidcted a short film series. Some strange and wonderful chracters explore the weird and wonderful world around them. 

episode one: 6 months dry. 

episode two: clean wanking.

episode three: first kiss.

episode four: food on my face



BLINDS was a devised piece of political theatre. Daisy wrote the story and workshopped the play for 5 months. The show ran for a week at the London Theatre.

Two Bus Stops

Daisy wrote and directed Two Bus Stops, that was showcased at the Etcetera Theatre in 2017. The show followed 2 sisters, Jen and Caitlin. As they go through a sad and sometimes comedic story talking about rape, sexuality and prostitution. With the male side of the story told too, Two Bus Stops shows everyone’s side, no one is silenced. 

Beause of You

Because of you was Daisy's first ever production, that she wrote and directed. At the age of 16 she ran a the200 seated theatre for 2 days telling the heart wrenching story of Victoria and Toby. Set in 3 decades Daisy explored the themes of sexism and homophobia though the years.